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Every Team Needs A Sponsor!

Sports matter!

Participation in sports can teach children traditional values and important life lessons like perseverance, humility, integrity, compassion, courage, accountability, teamwork, and so much more.

Participation in sports can also provide children positive, influential role models in a life which they may not have one, keeping kids on the straight and narrow when other influences may lead them down a darker path.

Finally, kids who participate in sports are also less likely to be obese, do better in school, far less likely to do drugs, get pregnant as teenagers, more likely to go to college, and raise active children of their own.

Sports really matter we have a responsibility to have them serve the needs, values, and priorities of our youth at an affordable cost. And this final point, affordability, is where a Sponsor's help is most needed.

Team sponsorships are a crucial part of any athletic program. Through Team Sponsorships, the Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska Athletics Department is able to offer scholarships to deserving families, refurbish and replace equipment, provide uniforms, purchase the sports supplies needed for each sport and maintain the fields/facilities. Additionally, our coaches are able to take advantage of coaching education opportunities through coaching courses that, ultimately, benefit the athletics experience for all children. In return, your business will benefit through brand awareness, image enhancement, possible increased sales, and a return on investment that benefits the community as a whole.

Currently, over 1,800 athletes, between the ages of 3 – 18 years old, participate in our Athletics programs, which include sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, Football, Soccer, Flag Football and Dodgeball. And in 2018, we are expanding our Soccer program with a Competitive branch, of which could increase the Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska Athletics numbers by 20-40%.

All Athletes registered to a Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska Athletics program receive a uniform package (specific to the sport the Athlete is registered for) which will always includes a jersey. Currently ConocoPhillips is the title Good Sport Sponsor for the Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska, with their logo being featured on the front of all jerseys. Local Sponsors of BGCA Teams will also be featured on secondary location of the team jersey with prominent visibility of the Sponsor’s logo/name.

In addition to our Sponsors logo/name featured on a BGCA Athletics Team’s jersey, the Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska will also offer to our Partners:

  • Website logo/link placement on our website and any other social media for the duration of the one- year

  • One seasonal e-mail blast to BGCA Members participating in that particular sport promoting any specials/news from our Sponsors for that particular month

  • Recognition in the Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska Annual Report

  • Plaque with a photograph of the Team your business is sponsoring with expressing our appreciation 

For more information about sponsoring a BGCA Athletics Team, please visit the link below:

Please Note: The $3 application fee per jersey will be waived if the Sponsors completes the Local Team Sponsorship Application online.

To complete the Local Team Sponsorship Application online, please click on the link below: