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The Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska U10 Soccer Division is the next stage in a player's development through our program. Teams will progress to playing 7v7 with goalkeepers with age appropriate sized goals. Practices will take place on Wednesday or Thursday evenings while games will played on Saturday mornings at the Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska Woodland Park location. The practices:games ratio will be 1:1 with a a total of 6 games scheduled during the seven-week season. 

The emphasis for players participating in the Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska U10 Soccer Division should be learning to play together purposefully. These points include basic skills in 1v1 situations, balance in relation to the ball (forward, backwards and side to side), basic coordinated movements with and without the ball, being efficient in 1v1 situations, application of basic attacking principles, and coordinated movements at speed.  

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