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ABOUT VOLLEYBALL: U10 VolleyKids Division

Players participating in the BGCA Volleyball: U10 Volleykids Division will play 4v4 with an appropriate sized court and height for nets, all of which will facilitate more expedient player development. Players in the U10 VolleyKids Division will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of volleyball to include the overhead pass/set, the bump/pass, the underhand serve, court position, and rotation, and the rules of the game. As the season progresses, players that are ready can learn the basic hit approaches and other net skills, as well as overhead serves. Practices will take place on Monday evenings while games will played on Thursday evenings at various Anchorage School District schools throughout the city. The practices:games ratio will be 1:1 with a a total of 6 games scheduled during the seven-week season.


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